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Who We Are

All breed pet sho, kathmandu, Nepal

Founded by MR. Govinda Bhandari in 2015, We are the Dedicated Team of Pet Loving Caretakers and Trainers, Based in Sahabhagita Marg, Baneshwor, Kathmandu

We are consistently Providing Pet Services in and around Kathmandu and are regarded as one of the most Trusted Pet Service Business by our clients and customers.

In Case, If you are wondering where can you get your friend for life, We are here to help you. We have variety of breeds of dogs, cats, pet supplies, pet amenities and Pet grooming products in our store. We also provide periodic delivery of Our Pet supplies to Care for your Loved one.

We Consistently try to keep you updated about how you can keep your pet trained, safe and healthy. We also inform you if we have any suggestions about how you can make your Pet happy and healthy.

All breed pet shop, kathmandu, nepal

We Are All Breed Pet

Located at the Center of Capital, We are pleased to serve you with varieties of pet and pet amenities. Our objective is to provide customers with products and services that can ensure their beloved pet will have a happy and healthy life.

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

Ram Shah

Dog Trainer​

Training your dog is essential for a lot of reasons. For one, training your dog can provide mental stimulation that can keep your dog happy and active as they age. When combined with morning exercises, training your dog will make them mentally and physically tired at the end of the day, making it easy for them to doze off at night. The more sleep your dog gets, the healthier their immune system is.

Pramisha Adhikari

Dog Trainer​

Women often have to learn to lower the tone of their voice, to project a more authoritative, firm message and raise the volume so their dog can hear them!

To effectively communicate with your dog, learn to control the volume and tone of your voice, so your dog will learn to respond accordingly. Spend some time using different tones when training your dog and assess which among these catch their attention. As mentioned, training your dog is a long-term task, so be ready to implement and improve any strategies that you will use

Aditi Shrestha

Dog Trainer​

Your volume and tone of voice are fundamental in training your dog. Be prepared to back it up with action. When you are pleased with your dog’s behavior, bend down or squat, and with open arms, welcome them and show them how happy or proud you are of them.

When giving a command or making a correction, stand tall, look as big as possible. Always be consistent and project the image, good or bad; YOU are in charge! Try it; it works!

Wish to Take a Trial?

You can take a trial and consult with our Expert Pet trainers by simply visiting our office at Sahabhagita Marg, Baneshwor, Kathmandu.